It is Important to Remember:  


If your pet is not doing well and it is an emergency situation, please take them to one of the Animal ER clinics in your area.  We are not an emergency service.

Our hours of operation to take your calls are:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5:00pm

We are closed on all Federal Holidays, the day following Thanksgiving and the week between Christmas and the New Year.

We have some vets that will work evenings and weekends; however, that is not ordinarily the case, and any extra charges for those "overtime" fees may need to be passed on to you as the pet owner.

Please don't worry if your call goes to a voice mail instead of being answered by a human.  We have a lot of calls every day to help pet owners and their Little Angels and we will get back to you just as soon as we can if you will leave us a detailed message with your contact info and your pet's situation.

If you call us in the evening or on the weekend, we will call you back when we reopen either the following day or on Monday morning.  Your calls will not be returned that same evening or on the weekends.

Although we state this at the bottom of each page on our website, it is important to also note that we will not honor requests that are texted to us, emailed to us or sent to us via a form on this website.  We must speak with you personally to understand the urgency of your pet's situation and understand your location to be sure we have vets in your area.

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